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2017 Sikat Pinoy National Trade Fair

The Sikat Pinoy National Trade Fair has become a much-awaited shopping event for the holiday season. Year after year, products of MSMEs from all over the country are eagerly anticipated by Metro Manila shoppers looking for unique and affordable items perfect as gifts or for holiday meals. According to Sikat Pinoy regulars, this is a shopper’s paradise as you have a wide selection of the best products from the regions, and you can indulge in a guilt-free shopping splurge since every peso you spend is actually helping Filipino entrepreneurs expand their business.

The 2017 Sikat Pinoy National Trade Fair is happening on December 6 to 10, at the Megatrade Halls in SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City. Here are some of the event highlights:

“Balanghai” theme to symbolize One Town One Product (OTOP)

The “balanghai” is the centerpiece setting to symbolize the renewed focus on One-Town, One Product (OTOP). Beyond its function as a watercraft used for inter-island travel and trade by our ancestors, the balanghai also represented the early Filipino society’s most basic socio-political unit, which has now evolved into our present-day barangays.

Aboard these wood-pegged boats, early Filipinos ferried communities through the archipelago and to our neighbors in an effort to maintain trade relations. In keeping with the OTOP concept, the balanghai is definitely the fitting symbol to draw in the distinctive contributions across regions while linking the Filipino traditional values of community, creativity, and commerce. With its unique historical significance, the balanghai is a national testament of Filipino innovation, bayanihan, and entrepreneurial spirit. Both OTOP and the balanghai truly resonate with the vision of the National Economic Development Program to promote inclusive growth for all sectors.

The Sikat Pinoy National Trade Fair will be first and foremost a showcase of the products of 240 OTOP micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) engaged in the manufacture of gifts, houseware and decor, wearables, fashion accessories, furniture and furnishings, household linen, corporate giveaways, processed food, beverages, and health and wellness products. Representing all regions of the country, the MSMEs will be offering their products for retail sales to consumers, as well as for order-taking from institutional buyers.

Shared Service Facilities (SSF) for competive advantage

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has a 7-point strategic framework to develop micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The 7Ms—Mindset, Mastery, Mentoring, Money, Markets, Machines, and Models—holistically equip entrepreneurs to make headway in increasingly competitive markets.

One of the 7Ms—Machines—is addressed by the Shared Service Facilities (SSF) project, which provides MSMEs with machinery, equipment, and tools under a shared system. SSFs are managed by cooperators for the common use of MSME beneficiaries engaged in priority industry clusters.

Another M—Markets—is addressed by the Sikat Pinoy fairs which help MSMEs expand their market presence.
The 2Ms—Machinery and Markets—come together at the 2017 Sikat Pinoy National Trade Fair, with a display of the products of SSF beneficiaries, as well as selected machineries and equipment used in the project.

Other Highlights

To help affected MSMEs rebuild their businesses and recover from the recent crisis, an area has also been specially allocated for the Bangon Marawi Program.

As in all other Sikat Pinoy fairs, the Coffee Pavilion offers choice coffee and local blends from all over the country.

Four MSME brands are being launched at the fair, in line with the DTI’s efforts to promote competitiveness by strengthening the product branding of MSMEs.

To help food manufacturers, consultants from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are conducting product sensory evaluation or sensory analysis to assess the flavor, aroma, and appearance of food products offered for sale. Participating firms will be given feedback on their products’ quality, palatability and safety in accordance with domestic and export standards.

For more information, please call DTI-BDTP at 751-3223, or email [email protected] For regular updates, please “Like” the Facebook page

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