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Crimson Mactan’s Slipper Race To Benefit Children Of Asia

Project Happy Feet Slipper Race, Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan’s annual fund raising event is set on Saturday, 22nd July 2017.

This unique fundraiser is inspired by the many school children living in rural places who walk more than 3km to school either barefooted or in slippers.
The event is a non-competitive walk in slippers (flip flops) to raise funds for the education and training of underprivileged children and youths.

This year is the resort’s 5th PHF event and in the last 4 years the activity
has raised over a million pesos with funds channeled through programs facilitated by Bantay Bata 163,
Kawad Kalinga and Kantobaon Elementary School.
This year, funds raised will benefit the deserving youth of Enfants d’Asie – Children of Asia Philippines.
“By getting participants to walk in a similar distance in slippers, we hope people will put themselves in the
shoes (or slippers!) of these underprivileged children and do their part to contribute towards them having a
chance at education and a better future” shares Crimson General Manager Didier Belmonte.
“For the younger participants, we hope they walk away with an appreciation for what they have been given,
and feel inspired and empowered to do something for their counterparts who are less privileged.”
The slipper race was first held last 2013 in Cebu to support the scholars of Bantay Bata 163’s Bantay Edukasyon Program, followed by a fund raising event in 2014 focused mainly rebuilding the schools in
Northern Cebu that were devastated by the typhoon Yolanda.
Although not really competitive in nature, it’s called a race, because the event hope to send the message that there is great urgency for us to do something about education for underprivileged children around the
world, and that we should race against time to give our support and make that positive impact now.
To participate in the slipper race on July 22 at Crimson Resort & Spa in Mactan, participants must form a group of 5 and pay the donation of 5,000. 100% of the donation is given to the beneficiary.

Participants will complete various individual and team challenges comprised of different Filipino games.
For more information, email Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan at [email protected] or call 401

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