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Generika Drugstore and Ayala Corporation held a MOA Signing Safeguarding Employee Health with MEDPadala

Generika Drugstore’s MEDPadala Electronic Gift Certificates (EGC) have long been a great boon for families who want to set aside a dedicated healthcare budget. These EGCs can be bought directly at Generika outlets or online through the MEDPadala website. Once purchased, customers receive a unique code and PIN that can be used to purchase all their health needs at Generika Drugstores nationwide. And best of all, the unique code and PIN can be easily shared via email or text – thus living true to its name, MEDPadala – an EGC you can send to your loved ones to help them buy medicine and other healthcare products. You can even track purchases made helping you and your loved ones manage your budget.

Featured photo from left to right: Paolo Borromeo,  Head of Corporate Strategy and Business Development of Ayala Corporation, John Philip Orbeta- Group Head for Corporate Resources of Ayala Corporation, Teodoro Ferrer- Generika President and, Atty. Josette Adrienne Abarca- Vice President for Finance and Administration. 

For Ayala Corporation, Generika is launching an exclusive and specially-designed MedPadala program called the VIP MedPadala.  The VIP MedPadala combines the features of MedPadala and Generikard. It is pre-loaded with MedPadala peso points that may be used to purchase branded and generic medicines, all-natural medication (galenicals), and medicine supplies from all Generika stores. It is also re-loadable. And just like Generikard, once presented in the stores, it will also earn loyalty points which may be converted to medicines.

The new VIP MEDPadala card will help ensure that employees have a dedicated budget just for medicine and enable them to make the most out of their medical benefit. Businesses will also be afforded important insights on their employees’ health and medical needs through the purchases made via the VIP MEDPadala cards. While this new service is only currently available for Ayala employees, Generika looks forward to offer this service to other companies in the future.

Generika Drugstore and Ayala Corporation held a MOA signing for this new value-added service for Ayala Employees at the Tower One & Exchange Plaza, Ayala Triangle, Makati City. This is among the much collaboration both companies will have throughout the year, much like the recently debuted Generika-Ayala Lifesavers team and the many community health events slated throughout 2017. To learn more about MEDPadala, simply visit  You may also visit Generika Drugstore’s official website at


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