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Leanne And Naara, “RUN RUN”

Fall in love with the distinct and sweet indie pop tunes from Leanne and Naara, now back with their new single Run Run, released online last May 26, 2017 under Warner Music Philippines. This track is their 3rd single since their debut single, ‘Again’, and is definitely a unique sounding tune, presenting the girls musicality.

Run Run talks about the experience of running from the ones that they love out of fear and uncertainty. The song is relatable to everyday experiences of love, meshed into beautifully written lyrics by the artists themselves.

The girls will also be doing a nationwide mall tour starting June 2017 until August 2017, promoting this single so make sure to check out their social media sites for gig and mall show schedules.

Leanne and Naaras Run Run is available worldwide on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes, released digitally under Warner Music Philippines.

Listen to RUN RUN:

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