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Samsung Galaxy Studio In Bonifacio High Street Opens Until March 2018

Step into the world inside the Samsung GalaxyStudio, and have your own unique experience with the latest technology from Samsung and seehow you can do bigger things with it.

The Galaxy Studio serves as a testament to Samsung’scommitment to redefine technology to enrich their consumers’ lives, and it shows—you canhave an advanced and highly immersive user experience while you explore the new GalaxyNote8’s best features.

Consider this to be your itinerary when you visit the Galaxy Studio in Bonifacio High Street.

First stop: Gear VR 4D Theater

Sit back and try to feel relaxed as you put on the Gear VR. You will be taken to an almost real-life experience of a rollercoaster ride or a race in space through virtual reality from a firstperson’s point of view. Just make sure that you don’t come here full from lunch because eventhe chair you’ll be sitting on is part of the experience. We’ll leave it up to you to find out what wemean.

Second stop: IP68 Liquid Canvas

You don’t have to find a pail of water to dunk the Galaxy Note8 in just to test its IP68 Enclosure.Stop by the IP68 Liquid Canvas and take the selfie with the Galaxy Note8. Once you’re happywith your selfie, align the phone with the sensor under water and watch it transform the selfieyou’ve just taken into a canvas portrait.

Third stop: Art Zone

You can’t mistake the Art Zone for anything else—the design just screams what it is. The spaceis enclosed with walls covered in doodles from top to bottom, and in the middle of it is a displayof different Samsung flagship smartphones. Galaxy Note8 units are available here as well toamaze you as you test them out.

Take a few snaps to see how the Dual Camera capturesphotos in the best quality, and then pull out the S Pen to add doodles over it.

Hope the interior ofthe Art Zone gets your creative juice flowing!

Aside from those three main stops, you can also find accessories for your Galaxy phone.

There’s a Samsung DeX demo area for you to see how you can seamlessly transition yourphone to a desktop for a widescreen PC experience. If you’re searching for something simpleinstead, like phone cases, there is also a wide array of that.

There’s even more to come at the Samsung Galaxy Studio. Starting November, consumers canplay with the Interactive Table, an advanced screen that lets users explore the key features ofthe Galaxy Note8.

Consumers can also look forward to a spherical surprise through the SnowGlobe, a globe room where you can see the world in 360 degrees through the Samsung Gear360.

The Samsung Galaxy Studio in Bonifacio High Street will be open to the public until March 2018.

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