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Smart Press Statement On Extension Of Prepaid Load Validity To One Year

SMART PRESS STATEMENT: Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 05-12-2017/Extension of Prepaid Load Validity to One Year

Smart, TNT and Sun shall comply with the Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 05-12-2017 issued jointly by the NTC, DICT, and DTI, extending the validity of prepaid load to one year.

In particular, Smart, TNT and Sun prepaid loads worth P300 and above shall moving forward have a one-year validity, regardless of the validity period printed on the physical cards already out in the market.

We are grateful to the three agencies for the grant of a six-month extension period before the full implementation of the MC.  This provides us more  time to implement the extensive reconfiguration of our IT and other support systems, and to conduct the needed tests, in order to ensure trouble-free implementation of the new expiry period.

–  Smart Public Affairs Head Ramon R. Isberto

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