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The Bow VS. The Bolt

Fanboys and fangirls are all hyped for the latest adventures of the emerald archer, and for good reason! The fifth season of Arrow had so many exciting plot twists and surprises. Aside from that we reached a significant milestone–the show’s 100th episode. And as we inch closer to the start of Arrow’s newest season, everyone is asking what’s in store for Green Arrow.


Meanwhile, The Flash, currently on its third season is also reaching an exciting point in its story at almost breakneck pace. The series has developed into the optimistic and light-hearted story that perfectly mirrors its eponymous hero played by Grant Gustin.


These two heroes are some of the world’s best, but have you ever wondered how they will fare when pitted against each another?

So are you Team Arrow or Team Flash?


The two guys sit at the opposite ends of the emotional scale. While Oliver Queen is the type of guy who always has a scowl at the ready, Barry Allen is the eternal optimist, always seeing the best in people. As the defender of Star City, Queen’s tortured past has disciplined him and has molded his stern brooding persona.  Allen on the other hand is enthusiastic and always ready to give a smile. The Flash’s wit and earnest optimism is the cornerstone that sets the mood for the entire show; light, fun, and entertaining.



Though he doesn’t have any superhuman ability, The Green Arrow is a high level-intellect and overall master tactician. His methodical and adaptive nature, partnered with his close-quarters combat training, make him an effective leader. Not to mention he’s at the peak of physical human condition thanks to five years of severe strength conditioning in a deserted island prison. Oh and of course! There’s his bow and arrow skills. No biggie.

The Flash’s superhuman ability shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. Thanks to the accident caused by his friends at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry Allen gained superhuman abilities in speed, stamina, and mental processing. He calculates his thoughts just as fast as he can bolt. Doesn’t hurt that his speed also allows him to time travel a bit.

Physical Appeal

There’s no doubt that both heroes exhibit the best humanity has to offer. But aside from their capacity to save the world on a daily basis, they are the perfect male specimens.  Stephen Amell is at the top of his game thanks to having rigorous training and a strict diet in order to keep up with his role as the masked vigilante. His enigmatic aura and tough-guy exterior fit perfectly with his sphinx-like, on-screen persona. Pseudo-bad boy, anyone?



On the other hand, Grant Gustin brings his boyish good looks to the small screen. He’s got a contagious smile that gives him this boy-next-door appeal.*swoons*


Though they do have their differences, both the Flash and the Green Arrow share a common bond. They had to face tragic events that proved to have made them the heroes that they are. Both leading men even having their heroic moments off-camera as well. Amell helped raise funds for various organizations by participating in the celebrity edition of American Ninja Warrior, while Gustin is a strong advocate for equality.

Whichever team you’re on, one thing fans can count on is that both of these heroes have each other’s backs and will be there for those in need and that both are here to bless our television screens. Be sure to catch The Flash every Monday at 9:30pm (PST) with re-runs on Wednesdays at 9pm and Saturdays at 5:30pm, and keep glued for a new season of Arrow later this year, only in Warner TV channel 235 on Cignal and channel 34 on SkyCable.

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